The best watch

The watch is the best accessory to decorate the wrist. There are many brands of watches with different quality and different prices. Do you know Seiko‘s watches? About Seiko: It is a well-known Japanese watchmaking company, the largest manufacturer and supplier of watch movements in Japan and South Korea, and the earliest manufacturer of finished… Read more The best watch

Ladies watch

A watch is also called a wrist watch, which refers to an instrument worn on the wrist to time/display time. In English, watch is derived from the term wacche in the Middle Ages. The watch is usually made of leather, rubber, nylon cloth, stainless steel and other materials to make a strap, and the “head”… Read more Ladies watch

Typically German: Punctual´╝čThe power of stereotype

Have you heard the following sentence before? “Women decide perceptually, men rationally” or “Germans are punctual and efficient at work”. Stereotypes persist, especially in work and life. But we should learn to be aware of them in order to get rid of them. But what are stereotypes and how do they arise? Stereotypes are our… Read more Typically German: Punctual´╝čThe power of stereotype

5 Xiaomi products

As a technology company, mobile phones are not all of Xiaomi’s business. In addition to mobile phones, they also have many products in other areas. Today I will introduce five non-mobile phone products of Xiaomi. If you are interested, you can learn more about them. MI Band 5 Mi Band 5 is a smart bracelet… Read more 5 Xiaomi products