Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the unanimous pursuit of the whole society. Especially at this time of epidemic, we should pay more attention to maintaining physical and mental health, and a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series smartwatch with comprehensive health monitoring capability has become an alternative for many people. In the upcoming 618 event, Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series smartwatches are available at a great value, so if you want to have a comprehensive health care immediately, now is the best time to get it.

Exercise and fitness Real-time monitoring

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series can provide users with professional sports monitoring and guard, which supports more than 90 exercise modes, covering The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series supports more than 90 exercise modes, covering all common types of sports. While exercising, the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Series detects physical activity, tracks the user’s daily activity and generates accurate reports on workout status. In addition, in the extreme summer heat and dry weather, the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Series has a sweat loss analysis feature that shows how much water is lost from the body while exercising so we can rehydrate in real time.

In addition to using equipment and aerobics, cycling and running are also common forms of exercise. For this reason, Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series also supports advanced interval training function, which allows you to pre-set the duration, distance and number of sets before cycling and running workouts. It guides the user to train at a predetermined intensity at the start of the workout and supports crossover between high and low intensity workouts to achieve effective and targeted results. While running, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series’ advanced running metrics feature evaluates running posture during the user’s running workout to improve running performance. By tracking important running metrics such as asymmetry, contact time, airtime and vertical amplitude, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series can analyze and develop good running habits and prevent injuries.

Fat Loss and Shaping Works

The hot and dry summer is also a very suitable season for achieving fat loss and shaping goals. For those who need to lose fat, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series can use the Body Composition Index to analyze body data such as body fat percentage, skeletal muscle, and body water through the Samsung BioActive Body Vitality Sensor built into the watch. With this data, users can have a more specific and systematic understanding of their body condition for targeted workouts.

During the fat loss period, we can also use the Samsung Health APP on the phone and watch to record daily meals and snacks. Samsung Health will make dietary recommendations based on the day’s vitamin and nutrient intake to take steps towards a more balanced diet and healthy eating habits. In addition, with the Body Composition Goals feature of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series, we can set set goals in weight, body fat percentage and skeletal muscle in advance to urge ourselves to accomplish them.

Sleep guarding to keep energy

The hot weather can easily affect one’s sleep status. Low quality sleep will not only affect the mental state of the next day, but also have a negative impact on health. In this regard, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series’ Advanced Sleep Analysis feature detects and comprehensively analyzes sleep quality and determines a sleep score based on the user’s sleep time, sleep stages, and activity throughout the night. Combined with a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series can also record and focus on snoring while sleeping, helping users understand how much they snore while sleeping and how long and how often they snore throughout the night, and assess the user’s health by continuously monitoring blood oxygen levels while sleeping.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series can be used for sports, fitness, fat loss, and sleep monitoring, so that you can have a healthy life at your fingertips this summer.



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