With the development of mobile technology, many traditional electronic products have begun to add mobile features. For example, watches that used to be used only to tell the time can now be connected to the Internet via smartphones or home networks to display content such as caller information, Twitter and news, and weather information.

These new watches can be called smartwatches and are designed primarily for use in situations where consumers are not comfortable using smartphones, such as when they are riding a bicycle or have their hands full of stuff.

The smartwatch idea has been around since at least 2000: Microsoft introduced such a product in 2003. Many companies are currently selling such products, including Sony, Pebble, which relied on the crowdfunding channel, and the Italian company i’m.

On June 26, 2014, at Google’s I/O developer conference, Google unveiled Android Wear, an operating system specifically for smartwatches, while Samsung and LG launched three Android Wear-based operating systems, Gear Live, G Watch, and Moto360, respectively.

In the early morning of September 10, 2014, Apple launched Apple Watch, which was called a “revolutionary product” by Apple CEO Tim Cook.


1, Apple Watch can achieve such functions as receiving calls, Siri voice, information, calendar, maps, etc., through the watch can adjust the iPhone GPS.
2, Apple Watch adopts magnetic MagSafe plug, support wireless charging, this design effectively solve the problem of battery life.

3, In order to overcome the limitations of the small watch dial screen, Apple Watch has a digital wheel, which can be turned to zoom or move the image.
4, The Apple Watch screen also supports multipoint control, and there is a separate communication button under the crown of the Apple Watch to launch a communication app called Communication.
5, Apple has redesigned the Apple Watch interface so that users can see their friends’ lists on the watch, talk to them, and even share their heart rate information with them.
6, Apple Watch uses the S1 chip developed by Apple, which has many sensors on the back, and the display will open automatically when the user raises his hand. When the user raises his or her hand, the display will automatically turn on. Dot icons will appear on the display for pulling or tapping.


For sports, Apple Watch has launched two new applications: Fitness and Workout. Users can set the type of exercise and set up goals on Apple Watch, and the watch will record data in real time, and users will be motivated to see the data monitored by Apple Watch on the iPhone. Cook said the Apple Watch will change the way we work out, such as recording heartbeat, with the iPhone’s GPS to record location, measure calorie consumption, workout time and distance, etc.



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