The difference between quartz watches and electronic watches lies in the way of time display, waterproof strength and time error, etc. Quartz watches use the battery as the kinetic energy to drive the hands to rotate, while electronic watches completely display all the information in the form of digital display. In terms of water resistance, the electronic watch is a little stronger, and in terms of time error, the quartz watch is a little better.

Display method

A quartz watch uses an electronic chip to keep time, which in a quartz watch is simply used as an energy source to power the hands. The electronic watch uses an electronic timekeeping chip, which uses electrical energy to display the time, day, month, calendar and other information by way of data.

Water resistance strength

The difference between a quartz watch and an electronic watch also lies in the waterproof strength. Under normal circumstances, the waterproof function of an electronic watch is better than that of a quartz watch because most electronic watches are made of synthetic rubber, and the waterproof strength is much better than that of most steel watches.

Timekeeping error

When comparing the time error of a quartz watch and an electronic watch, the quartz watch is a little more accurate, and its most prominent feature is the high reference frequency quartz oscillator, which can keep the time in a stable state, while the electronic watch has a small error, but the quartz watch is slightly better in comparison.



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