Yoshio Yamazaki graduated from university in 1965. Japanese young people always like to work for big companies, they think it is more secure. At that time, Yoshio Yamazaki wanted to go to Toyota Motor first, Toshiba second, and Panasonic third. However, his supervising professor wrote him a letter recommending him to work for a small company called Seikosha. He hesitated for a long time, but finally listened to his professor. The full name of this watchmaking company today is the parent company of the famous Seiko Epson.

He went to work for the then-unknown Seiko watchmaking company until today, when he is now a young man with a head of hair. However, many fashionable young people who see this old man today may not know that they are wearing his invention on their wrists – Yoshio Yamazaki is the inventor of the liquid crystal display electronic watch. The tiny electronic watch is the invention Yamazaki is most proud of in his life.

“I have been engaged in development work since I joined Seiko, doing it day and night, surrounded by employees who were just as desperate.” Yamazaki always felt very pleased whenever he told the media or his descendants about this successful past, “The research was positioned on the development of a new watch, when there were still very much Japanese companies obsessed with the success of mechanical watches, but I think consumers expected better watches that worked better.”

For the new watch, he worked single-handedly and painstakingly, often after others had finished their work, and repeatedly experimented with it. The old president of Seiko Manufacturing noticed this diligent young man and gave him a lot of attention. After about hundreds of failures, Seiko came up with the first LCD electronic watch four years later.

Just before the product was about to be launched into the market, the president was still asking Yamazaki if he was sure of success, with the implication that if he was not sure, it was not too late to call it quits, but Yamazaki replied firmly that he was sure. Seiko invested heavily and launched the brand “Seiko Watch”. In 1973, Seiko developed the world’s first LCD digital quartz watch, the “Seiko Quartz 06LC”.

The liquid crystal electronic watch proved to be popular for its accuracy, low cost, power saving and variety of styles, and led to a revolution in the watch industry, and Seiko’s profits increased rapidly, and other Japanese manufacturers followed suit. With a small electronic watch, Seiko was able to catch up with Toshiba and Panasonic.

Yoshio Yamazaki learned the truth from this: there is nothing difficult in the world, the key is in the people. It is not terrible that a company is not famous at the beginning, but it is terrible that it is self-absorbed and does not think of making progress. “As long as you have the idea of continuous innovation and keep working hard on the ground, your company will grow from small to big, and your products will go from being unknown to being among the world’s most famous brands.” Yamazaki enlightens those who come after him with his own personal experience.



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