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Reasons for the popularity of watches


In formal situations, it is more polite to use a watch than a cell phone to check the time.


In addition to checking the time, the watch can be used to check heart rate, calculate steps, serve as a phone or have more functions similar to a cell phone.


Various kinds of watches with special designs are one of the good decorations for people’s clothing.

Symbol of status

Expensive watches can sometimes be one of the symbols of people’s status, representing wealth, status and honor.

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Who made a great contribution to the history of watches?

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Peter Henlein

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Jean-François Bautte

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Antoni Patek

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Hans Wilsdorf

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Yoshio Yamazaki graduated from university in 1965. Japanese young people always like to work for big companies, they think it is more secure. At that time, Yoshio Yamazaki wanted to go to Toyota Motor first, Toshiba second, and Panasonic third. However, his supervising professor wrote him a letter recommending him to work for a small company called Seikosha. He hesitated for a long time, but finally listened to his professor. The full name of this watchmaking company today is the parent company […]
It is recommended that middle and high grade watches should be serviced accordingly every two to three years, replacing waterproof components, testing the timekeeping performance and power consumption of the movement, cleaning the movement, and maintaining the appearance, etc. Such maintenance services will effectively extend the use time of the watch. Here are our maintenance recommendations: (1) When wearing the watch, the sweat on the hand is corrosive to the case. The all-steel case has bett […]
(1) Quartz electronic watch Quartz electronic watches, also known as third-generation electronic watches, use a quartz resonator as the time reference and display the time with hands, also known as analog electronic watches. The third-generation quartz electronic watch is powered by silver oxide battery or mercury battery, uses a rod or tuning fork-shaped quartz oscillator as the time reference, uses a medium- to large-scale semiconductor integrated circuit (IC) with continuous frequency divisio […]