Apple Watch: your little health assistant

The newly released Apple Watch no longer seems to focus on innovating new functions, but instead focuses on a deep cultivation towards health.

1| Apple Watch Series 6’s latest features to monitor user health indicators

The biggest USP of the Apple Watch Series 6 is the sensor that measures blood oxygen. This is the first Apple Watch model with this feature. The level of oxygen in the blood is an important indicator of a person’s overall health. It can help to understand how the human body takes in oxygen and how much oxygen is delivered to the body. It consists of four LED light groups and four photodiodes on the underside of the clock. Green, red and infrared LEDs illuminate the blood vessels in the wrist and photodiodes measure the amount of light reflected. With a special algorithm and a blood color, the watch can measure O2 saturation via a blood oxygen sensor. This takes 15 seconds and the results are displayed in the Blood Oxygen Application. The Apple Watch Series 6’s excellent sensors and applications allow people to check blood oxygen levels and background levels when needed.

The digital crown is responsible for the EKG measurement. If the user puts his finger on it, the Apple Watch Series 6 with the integrated electrodes on the bottom of the case determines information about the heart rhythm within 30 seconds.

Simply touch the Digital Crown to generate an ECG waveform in 30 seconds. The EKG app can show whether your heart rhythm is showing signs of atrial fibrillation (a severe arrhythmia) or sinus rhythm (which means that your heart is beating normally). However, the values measured by the Apple Watch cannot be used directly for medical purposes.

Getting the right amount of sleep is very important to your health. Apple has developed its own sleep application: the sleep application helps guests set a regular bedtime and track sleep trends every night. Therefore, people can set and achieve personal sleep goals.

2| Common features of Apple Watch Series 6

In addition to its health functions, the Apple Watch 6 has also optimized its performance in terms of feedback from other customers.

According to the manufacturer, the display is twice as bright as the Apple Watch Series 5, which makes it easier to read in the sun. The display can always be switched on. This allows the user to read the time directly without having to move his arm to light up the display.

The superior water resistance makes it possible to wear the watch while bathing or swimming without affecting its performance. The permanently connected map function is very suitable for climbing or hiking. The Apple Watch can be used as a navigation device. The new chip accelerates and shortens the charging time, and the watch now takes 1.5 instead of 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

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