Is Apple Watch 7 worth buying?

Apple released a new iPhone series in September of this year, which sparked a lot of debate. Apple also unveiled the latest smart wearable gadget, the Apple Watch 7, at the same time. As the most typical representative of wearable devices, smart watches have become more and more popular. Apple Watch is the top of this industry.

Is the newly launched Apple Watch 7 worth people to buy?

Apple Watch 7 finally appeared at Apple’s autumn conference. Some people said that Apple’s wearable devices are still very reliable, and this time Apple Watch 7 is also true. But some people are a little disappointed that the appearance of Apple Watch 7 has not changed much, which means that Apple Watch 7 and Apple Watch 6 look very similar. But if you look closely, there are actually some subtle differences between Apple Watch 7 and Apple Watch 6. For example, the corners of Apple Watch 7 should be rounder. Moreover, the screen size of Apple Watch 7 is larger than that of Apple Watch 6, and the black border of Apple Watch 7 is narrower. In addition, the speaker opening of Apple Watch 7 has been changed from the previous two to one. The screen area of Apple Watch 7 is nearly 20% larger than the previous generation. And the connection between the screen and the shell of Apple Watch 7 is more natural.

Apple Watch 7 performance:

In terms of performance, Apple Watch 7 is not much upgraded compared to the previous generation, using the same chip as Apple Watch 6. But unlike the previous generation, the Apple Watch 7 package comes with a USB-C charging adapter that supports PD fast charging, which is 33% faster than the Apple Watch 6. In addition, the color of the aluminum watch has been fine-tuned this time, making it more colorful.

Generally speaking, if you already own Apple Watch 6, then it is not recommended to buy Apple Watch 7. We can look forward to the release of the new Apple Watch 8. But if you don’t have an Apple Watch, or if you have an much older version of Apple Watch, then Apple Watch 7 is still worth recommending, because it is a very good wearable device on the smart watch market.

Are you considering getting Apple Watch 7 recently? Hope this article can help you.

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