Ladies watch

A watch is also called a wrist watch, which refers to an instrument worn on the wrist to time/display time. In English, watch is derived from the term wacche in the Middle Ages. The watch is usually made of leather, rubber, nylon cloth, stainless steel and other materials to make a strap, and the “head” that displays the time is tied to the wrist.

Tips for buying relojes mujer:

1. The choice of shape:The shape of ladies’ watches is divided into round, barrel and square. The round watch is the most common watch, and there are many options. Regardless of the aesthetic point of view or the range of choices, the round watch is the most suitable choice. There are very few watches with the appearance of wine barrels, and the matching of clothing is more demanding, so you must be cautious in purchasing. Square watches give people a sense of stability, calm, and seriousness. This kind of watch is more suitable for women who are strong and meticulous in life. And square watches are very suitable for women who are dressed in neutral.

2. Color selection:White-skinned women wear black or colored watches to make their skin look whiter; women with darker skins wear white or light-colored watches to make their skin appear gentle. If you usually wear black, white, and gray clothes, it is recommended to choose a white watch, which can play a matching effect and break the dullness of black, white, and gray. The style should be simple. The size should be chosen according to your face. Whether it’s to match skin color or clothing, white watches are a universal color for women.

3. Selection of table diameter:If you have a bigger face, choose a bigger watch. Similarly, if your face is relatively small, choose a relatively small face, which will make the whole more harmonious.

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