Men’s accessories: watches

There is a saying: the watch is a person’s second business card, there is a certain reason, because a person’s economic ability, aesthetic taste, social status, etc. can be seen to a certain extent through the watch. So choosing a suitable watch is very important. How should one choose a watch?

  1. Appearance:

Men’s watches cannot be as dazzling or sparkling as women’s watches. It’s better to be simple. A woman’s watch full of diamonds can satisfy their vanity, but if a man wears a watch full of diamonds, you will only think that he is not confident enough.

The diameter of a men’s watch should not be too small. Even if you don’t like the diameter of a popular large watch, it should not be less than 35 mm. The general three-pin type should be 38 mm. This size is suitable for almost all men. In theory, the size of 38~42 mm men’s watch is more suitable. If it is a watch that you often wear, it is best to have a simple and elegant appearance, and simple things are often more classic, and you will not get tired of watching because of a long time.

  1. Material:

There are many materials for watches, the most common ones are stainless steel, gold and rose gold. For the same watch, different materials may have different prices, so there are no special requirements for men’s watches. However, it is worth noting that men are not recommended to wear diamond-encrusted watches.

  1. Brand:

If economic conditions are good or young friends do not boycott Japanese products, Casio, Citizen and Seiko are all good choices. In addition, Tissot and Seagull brands are also good. The prices of these brands are not too high and the quality is good. If you have a good financial ability, you can choose Rolex, Omega, Global brands, so that you can show the charm of successful people and higher taste and status.

After reading this article, I hope to give you some reference.

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