Women’s watch brand rankings, which brand is better for women’s watches?

It is said that watches are a symbol of men’s status and status. With the rise of women’s status, women’s watches have also become jewellery that shows women’s style, romantic, elegant, and domineering, whether it is a gentle goddess or a domineering queen. , A watch shows your style, so what are the ladies’ watch brands? Women’s watch brand rankings, which brand is better for women’s watches? Here are some luxury ladies brand watches for everyone.

In the name of romance: Cartier BALLON BlEU blue balloon

Inspired by human dreams and attempts of flying, the blue balloon full of romantic colors in outer space fits with the dream of romantic love. The sapphire on the crown is a feeling of heartbeat. You are beautiful and worth having!

Graceful Goddess: Longines

The compact 26.5mm dial is inlaid with 11 top Wesselton VVS diamonds, with a total weight of 0.032 carats. The exquisite and stylish case is suitable for women’s slender wrists and fully demonstrates the gentleness and elegance of the noble goddess.

Dazzling heroine: Omega ladymatic series

The Ladymatic series was first launched in 1955 and led the trend of the times, creating a new era of female elegant style. The 34mm Ladymatic watch is available in 18K red gold or yellow gold, stainless steel, or two combinations of 18K gold and stainless steel. The dazzling snowflake diamond bezel will make you shine even more!

Domineering Queen: Breguet Queen of Naples series

The rose gold dial with diamonds comes from a replica watch designed for the Queen of Naples, Carolina, through the long history and years, showing the queen’s domineering!

Jaeger-LeCoultre Women’s Watch: Jaeger-LeCoultre-LECOULTRE-Dating Series

Rendez-Vous Night&Day Day and Night Display Watch No. 3462521 With its large proportions designed for pure style watches, Rendez-Vous Night&Day Dating Series Day and Night Display Women’s Watches are a faithful companion for ladies who love the beauty of traditional watches, day or night. . This platinum jewellery watch is equipped with a self-winding movement and a beautiful mother-of-pearl dial that clearly shows the day/night display, giving the watch a unique feminine charm.

Chopard HappyDiamond

The “Happy Diamond” is also a style in the women’s watch world. It is famous for placing the diamond in the dial and moving freely. At the same time, Chopard HappyDiamond is also a style designed for women.

What really laid the foundation for Chopard’s international famous brand was the “Happy Diamonds” series launched in 1967. There are two different versions of the origin of Happy Diamonds. In one version, the company’s designer Ronald Kulovsky accidentally glanced at a few diamonds on the workbench, and was moved by the unrestrained swaying dazzling light. Inspired, he set several diamonds of the same size with a gold ring, enclosed in a ring crystal glass ring, and then put the glass ring outside a small two-pin classical gold watch, and reinforced it with a gold ring. Upper strap-Happy Diamond Watch was born. Another version is that when he walked in the Black Forest in Germany one day, he followed the road to the waterfall and watched thousands of small water droplets spray out in the turbulent river water, which made him think, “If the diamonds don’t Then it is fixedly set on the watch, but can be rotated freely and happily like life, that would be great!” As a result, he really did it.

Watches are no longer exclusive accessories for men. Women choose their own watches and their temperament will be greatly improved. So are these recommended watches that are of interest to everyone?

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