Children’s watch: how to choose the right one?

Like adults, children can also wear watches. Between the ages of 4 and 7, a toddler can have a watch to learn about numbers. The choice of accessory depends mainly on the age and size of the child’s wrist. The watch should not be too big or too small for the toddler.

The convenience of the watch

The overall convenience of the watch is an important detail when choosing a children’s watch. Parents can choose between analogue, digital and hybrid watches. The selection should take into account the age of the child. A four-year-old, for example, will have difficulty deciphering an analogue watch.

The material of the manufacturing choice is also an element to be taken into account when choosing a child’s watch. Whether for the strap or the dial, it is advisable to opt for materials that are resistant to mechanical shocks. In addition, water resistance is a quality to be considered. A child’s watch must be water resistant, given the lack of reflection of toddlers.

As far as the fastening is concerned, it should be chosen carefully to allow the child to put the watch on or take it off with ease. Elasticated models are good choices.

As for the dimensions, there are no real rules except that the watch should be adapted to the size of the child’s wrist. However, not all toddlers have the same wrist size. So, testing is essential before purchase. Visit this site for more information on choosing a watch for children.

Benefits by style

The features of the children’s watch can influence the choice of the accessory. In order to meet the needs of parents and to help children become more independent, manufacturers are full of ideas. A digital watch with an alarm and stopwatch, for example, is very suitable for a little boy. It will be the child’s best ally when doing certain activities. On the other hand, a colourful and bright watch is more suitable for a little girl.

Children are also excited by the advent of digital technology. With the evolution of technology, many toddlers want to have a touch watch. Such a model has automatic functions. It is most suitable for a child over 5 years of age.

The child’s personality should also be taken into account when choosing a watch. Parents are in the best position to know their child’s lifestyle. Manufacturers offer watches based on cartoon characters to meet customer expectations. For a child who is just learning to tell the time, a watch with hands is the best choice. A toddler can have his first watch by the time he can count from 1 to 12.

The connected watch trend

Connected children’s watches are lining up alongside adult accessories. While these watch models allow little ones to imitate the actions of cartoon heroes, they also provide more convenience for parents and children. With its GPS function, a connected watch is safer. Parents can track their child’s whereabouts from a distance (within a defined area) without leaving their home.

Connected watches with a SIM card allow parents to call their child in case of need. These models are also secure and alert parents in the event of an incident. Indeed, the watch makes automatic calls by pressing the SOS button.

More than a toy, a connected watch serves as a guide and assistance to children from a young age. It helps them to become independent. It is also a source of motivation for children. Connected watches provide educational support for children because they are equipped with educational games.

Buying a watch for children

It is true that the choice of a watch is up to the parents. However, before making the purchase, it is advisable to consider the child’s opinion. Normally, parents should rely on the personality of their toddler. Children aged between 4 and 5 years are especially attracted by models associated with heroes, while older children want to enter the world of the big boys little by little. Parents can even buy the watch with their child to avoid disappointing them.

In terms of cost, an expensive price is not always an important criterion. This is because children can easily break or lose their watch. So, to avoid wasting money, it is better to offer an accessory with good value for money.

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