Gifts for men or women: choosing a watch

Everyone loves to receive gifts, yet choosing the perfect gift is undeniably harder than you think. There is often a fear of giving a gift that the recipient will not like and that will never be used. Therefore, you have to choose what kind of object the person will like. A watch is a perfect gift idea, not only for men but also for women.

A watch, why not?

Watches are still among the most valued fashion accessories. Giving a beautiful watch as a gift is a perfect idea. It is very useful for everyday life, contains a lot of symbols and ensures your look. They are essential to enhance the outfit you are wearing. Moreover, watches are considered as prestigious jewellery. It is the most practical tool to avoid delays, especially to set the pace of the day. The watch is an accessory that is worn on a daily basis, meaning that the gift will be worn every day, and the recipient will almost always have it in front of them. A watch is an original, trendy and all-purpose gift idea, which can be given to a man or a woman. And nowadays, there is a wide range of great watch brands, Montres and Co is one of the most famous distributors. From now on, buying a watch for men or women is no longer a worry.

A watch: symbols on the wrist

Watches are time indicators that allow people to organise the rhythm of their lives. They authentically calculate the seconds, minutes and hours to keep order among humans through time. The second hand turns indefinitely into the future as a reminder that human beings grow old and can die at any moment, so we must make the most of every moment of life.

However, telling the time has long since become a second function for watches. They are becoming more and more fashionable and allow one to show off one’s taste for fashion. They are a permanent sign of wealth. In addition, it also indicates a symbol of elegance and nobility. The choice of watches you wear undoubtedly reflects your standard of living as well as your personality.

The different types of watch

Watches are essential to you every day, whether you are at work, at church, or even at sport. Currently, there are many models on display from watch dealers and you can freely choose the type of watch that suits you best. If you are looking for a watch that you can wear on any occasion, go for a watch with a leather strap, obviously, it is a dressy and very classy watch. If you are sporty, the sport watch could accompany you in all your activities. Your passion is swimming or diving? Of course you can wear it because it can withstand water. Models such as chronograph watches are even capable of helping you get ready for a sports competition, as they have a mix of timing and stopwatch options that can count seconds and measure speed down to 1/100 sec. Alternatively, if you are a technology lover, there are those beautiful watches that maintain the design of the mechanicals and assimilate the specifics of the trendy watch with a hybrid model. It is the union between the sport watch and the dress watch. The strap can be leather for a more chic look or metal for a casual look. The last model is called the complication watch and has plenty of functions. Usually seen on the arms of wealthy people, it is a luxury or designer watch.

How to choose the model?

Montres and Co selects a wide range of men’s watches and women’s watches at all prices. You can choose between a simple and discreet model or a more stylish one, and of course depending on the personality of the person you are going to give the gift to.

Before making your choice, be sure to proceed systematically by first examining whether the person’s need is for a classic, sports or luxury watch. Then, you have to choose between the types of movement, whether mechanical, quartz or digital display, the functions vary according to the models. Finally, you have to decide on the strap: leather, silicone, rubber, or metal. The colour of the watch and other features such as water resistance are also important.

Make sure that the size of the dial is well adapted to the wrist of the recipient: if it is a woman, for example, a woman’s watch with a small dial will be more suitable and vice versa.

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