Do you know women’s watches?

Normally,we think Luxury watch is the identity symbol of successful men. In fact, women have a great demand for watches. Watches, like bags, can also reflect women’s taste and fashion.

Women wearing different watches on different social situation can bring different feelings to others.

Let’s take stock of the types, advantages and disadvantages of common women’s watches.

  1. quartz watch

Quartz is a rock forming mineral. Its main component is SiO2. It is hard. The quartz crystal will vibrate regularly under the action of electric power. The watch using quartz crystal to produce vibration is a quartz watch. Its movement is quartz crystal and needs a battery inside. The first quartz watch in the world was born in Switzerland in 1967.

The quartz watch is easy to use and does not need to wind up or charge every day, but the battery needs to be replaced regularly.

  1. Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watch is a watch that drives the gear to drive the watch needle to operate through the spring in the movement. The operation of mechanical watch needs a power source. The power source is divided into two ways: manual chain feeding and automatic chain feeding.

Manual chaining mechanical watches need to manually rotate the knob on the watch side to wind up the chain. Generally, they need wind up the chain once a day.

The automatic chaining mechanical watch does not need to manually rotate the knob.  There is a structure in the watch that converts vibration energy into mechanical rotation energy. As long as the watch is worn on the hand, it will wind up automatically.

The mechanical watch is durable and has a longer service life. It only needs regular oil maintenance.

3. smart watch

Smart watch is a watch with information processing capability. Its screen is a touch operated display screen. It has the functions of recording calories, recording efficiency, receiving SMS, making phone calls, mobile payment, listening to music and so on.

Smart watches can realize most of the functions of mobile phones, but they need to charge every day and update the system regularly

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