Casio G-Shock-The strongest watch

Casio G-Shock family 5000, 5600 and 5610 series are famous for their durability. They can survive even being rolled by trucks. It can be said to be the strongest man’s watch.
These three different series are divided into three classes according to function and value.

  1. Basic: 5610 series

It is a classic basic model of G-Shock series. It is a conventional battery watch with relatively affordable price. There is no superfluous decoration, but it has all the functions required by daily life, including shockproof structure, 200m waterproof, digital time calendar display, stopwatch countdown and alarm.

  1. Function: 5600 series

If you want to buy a watch with more functions, the best choice is the 5600 series. Compared with the basic Casio Watch, it adds more functions such as solar energy, six Bureau radio wave, Bluetooth connection and so on, which is also very cost-effective.

  1. Flagship: 5000 series

5000 Series watches are flagship models. Compared with basic models and functional models, there are usually differences in materials. The watches have stainless steel case and inner case, and the case has screw lock case. Powerful, with tough solar energy, 6-bureau radio wave function, mineral reinforced glass mirror, clear light transmission, and Bluetooth mobile link connection function,etc.
For example, gmw-b5000 series titanium watches. The use of high transparency artificial sapphire glass mirror, watch case, watch ring, watch strap, button and back cover all use titanium metal (DLC coating). Make the watch lightweight, improve wearing comfort and wear resistance.

Casio G-shock is most popular watch for young people,so,which watch you want to buy?

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