Electronic family physician

Family physician, it is often referred to as general practice and a practitioner as a general practitioner. They Taking family medical and health care services as the main task, it provides personalized prevention, health care, treatment, rehabilitation and health education services and guidance, so that users can solve daily health problems and health care needs, receive family treatment and family rehabilitation care without leaving home.
The profession of family physician has not been popularized in all countries in the world, but has developed and matured only in some developed countries. However, with the development of science and technology, everyone can have a family physician through mobile devices,usually smart watches and smart bracelets. They can carry out the most basic health monitoring for users and play the role of family doctor. So, what are your main functions?

  1. Heart rate monitoring
    The reflective photoelectric sensor is used to collect photoelectric signals to monitor and calculate the changes of pulse blood volume, and then the basic parameters reflecting human heart rate are calculated according to the relationship between the absorbance of substances in the blood and the concentration
  2. Temperature detection
    The change of temperature is converted into the change of resistance value by thermistor, and then the resistance value is converted into voltage by corresponding measuring circuit, and then the voltage value is converted into digital signal, and then the temperature value can be obtained by corresponding processing of digital signal
  3. Fatigue reminder
    They can remind the wearer to pay attention to rest in the form of alarm clock. The more humanized design is suitable for the office crowd with high pressure.

In addition to the above main functions, some brands of smart mobile devices can even record Electrocardiography(ECG), GPS positioning, motion detection, etc.

It can be seen that everyone can have an electronic family physician and everyone has the right to choose health.

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