Be a successful man

Successful men’s watches should not be expensive or sparkling. They should be simple and elegant; the diameter of the watch should not be too small. Even if the wrist is a little small, it should be within 37-40 mm. This size is almost suitable for most men.

There are many materials for watches. Common ones include stainless steel, gold, and rose gold, while the more expensive ones include titanium alloys and ceramics. However, it is still recommended not to wear large gold watches or diamond-encrusted watches. This kind of watch is more suitable for upstarts, and successful people are best to avoid it.

Do watches need special attention to wear? Especially men who are often active in business activities and other formal occasions. Which hand does a men’s watch wear? This is really special. Well-done details and proper dressing can help you build a decent personal image and make you successful in dressing. In addition, it is interesting that from a medical point of view, wearing a watch is also related to your health.

International practice is to wear a watch with your left hand. Generally speaking, men’s watches should be worn on the wrist of your left hand. The style of the leather strap should suit the skin of your wrist. The style of metal watchbands such as stainless steel or titanium alloy should be able to hold half of the little finger to get the best wearing effect. Simply put, it is to leave a little space with the wrist to prevent the wrist from being caught by the skin or sweating and sticking to the hand in summer.

From the point of view of convenience and watch protection, men’s watches are more right-handed and less left-handed (after all, left-handers are in the minority). In order to protect your beloved watch from vibration and impact during labor, the watch was originally designed for the left hand based on popular principles, so it is usually worn on the left hand with the crown facing outward (the crown is at three o’clock). When you don’t want to take off the clockwork or adjust the watch, most people we see use their left hands. Of course, wearing a watch on the right hand is not unreasonable (after all, 10% of the human population is left-handed). If it is particularly comfortable to wear on your right hand, you must follow your own habits and don’t be afraid of other words. Now, some watch designers have designed some left-hand watches for ethnic minorities with the crown at nine o’clock, while others simply design the dial to be reversed so that the hands are reversed. It is very convenient to wear this left watch on your right hand.

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