How to buy a smart watch?

In 2015, with the official debut of the Apple Watch, smart watches can be said to have flourished in the field of wearable smart devices, especially in the sports elite circle. At present, there are many smart watch brands and styles on the market, such as Android system, Apple iOS system, and the selection is very wide. But how to correctly choose a smart watch that suits you?

1) Built-in system

At present, the mainstream smart watches on the market have their own operating systems (OS), such as Android Wearable System, Apple iOS, Pebble, etc. Your watch needs to be matched with your phone, so before choosing, you must understand which products and your own The mobile phone can be used together. Regardless of the system, the focus should be on interactive performance, and the operating experience should be smooth.

2) Function

Waterproof, exercise monitoring, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, message push and other functions are the basic essentials of current smart watches. The difference in these standard functions is the type of exercise monitoring, which is no longer limited to running and walking, but also compatible with riding. Other types of sports. There are also obvious differences in the waterproof level, and the applicable scenes are also different, but at least the level is above the waterproof level in life, and some can be used for swimming. The other is some extended functions, such as whether it supports the installation of software, such as some tool software, whether it can control other devices, such as mobile phone music playback, taking pictures and other practical functions, which will be related to the playability.

3) Screen

Previous smart watches used a tempered glass screen, which has good light transmission and high hardness, and has the characteristics of abrasion and scratch resistance, so there is no need to worry about being accidentally scratched by items such as keys. At present, almost all smart watches on the market are designed with full touch screens. In addition, there is a trend towards full screen designs, with larger and larger viewing areas, more and more display content, and higher definition.

The common screen materials are AMOLED display and ink display. In order to improve the power saving performance and the visual effect in sunlight, some smart watches with AMOLED display will adopt two superimposed designs of the display, that is, the AMOLED display+ Monochrome LCD screen, the content is displayed in color when the screen is on, and the content is displayed in black and white when the screen is dark.

4) Appearance design and wearing comfort

In terms of appearance, you must choose the design you like. Wearing comfort is not only related to the body design, but also whether it fits your wrist well, but also considers the body material, the material of the wristband/strap, and the wristband /The sweat-wicking design of the strap, whether it can be replaced, and whether it has a quick-release design, is also something to be measured.

5) Other factors: battery life, charging method, etc.

For digital products, functionality has always been proportional to the price. The more functions a watch has, the higher the price. For the basic model: the positioning must first be full enough to become the extension of the mobile phone, and the functions it possesses can enable you to reduce the frequency of mobile phone use and obtain the information you need. Such as voice control, GPS, sports tracking, etc., the basic model does not have it. For high-end models, it is obvious that they already have all the functions of the basic models, as well as more additional functions and improvements in overall performance and appearance, such as equipped with a full-color screen, support for voice control, motion tracking, GPS, mobile Pay and so on. However, some of these additional functions are not necessarily useful in normal times, or are more suitable for the specific needs of certain groups of people, such as exercise tracking.

The summary is that choosing a smart watch should be based on your own use environment and needs. It is not that the more functions the better, the higher the price, the better. No matter how many functions you don’t use or you don’t use much, it’s a waste.

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