How to choose your Apple Watch strap?

Apple Watch, as a watch with practical functions such as GPS and waterproof, and with a sense of fashion, has become more and more popular in recent years, and the strap is an indispensable accessory! Apple Watch has a variety of materials and designs. It is recommended to pay attention to the following points when purchasing.

1. Official accessories? or third-party accessories?

The strap of Apple Watch has both official accessories sold by Apple and accessories made by third-party brands.

Apple’s official accessories are guaranteed in quality and compatible, but the prices are generally more expensive. The third-party accessories are designed and produced by many companies, and they are rich in variety and relatively cheap.

However, it should be noted that third-party Apple accessories are slightly inferior to official accessories in terms of compatibility, quality and durability. It is recommended to choose from comprehensive budget, design, service life and other aspects.

2. Material? Choose according to the occasion

There are many types of materials for Apple Watch straps, which are also the biggest factor affecting the texture of the strap. Therefore, the material of the strap is recommended to be switched according to the occasion of use.

Business occasions: stainless steel or leather, suitable for matching suits

With the increase in popularity of Apple Watch, many business people have begun to use it instead of ordinary watches. In order to match the formal and decent dress, the stainless-steel strap has become the first choice of many professionals. When visiting customers and attending conferences, the stainless-steel watchband is more elegant without losing the sense of high-level and professionalism.

In addition, leather straps are also popular in occasions where the atmosphere is more relaxed. Especially for women, leather straps can match an elegant workplace style.

Affected by the design style, not all stainless steel and leather straps are suitable for business occasions. If possible, it is recommended to try them before entering.

Sports occasions: waterproof elastomer material, practical and durable

As a sports watch, Apple Watch also has its advantages. Many users will use it when running or exercising. In sports and training with a lot of sweating, waterproof function is very important. Therefore, it is recommended that elastomer and silicone straps are not only waterproof and dirt-resistant, but can also be washed with water to effectively prevent odors.

During sleep: nylon or silicone material, comfortable to touch

If you wear Apple Watch while sleeping, nylon and silicone materials are good choices. Due to the light texture, the possibility of causing discomfort is low. Among them, the silicone strap is not only soft and light, but also has good waterproof and sweat-proof functions. It can also be used as a sports strap. In addition, the watchband used for sleep is best to have no metal accessories or metal decorations, otherwise it may affect the sleep experience.

Watch strap size

There are many models of Apple Watches, and you need to pay attention to the size, fixing method, and number of holes when purchasing the watch.

Dial size: 38/40/42/44mm, a total of four

With the release of Apple Watch 4 in 2018, the dial has two sizes of 40mm and 44mm over the previous 38mm and 42mm. Although Apple Watch has been updated and updated, in fact, the straps can be used interchangeably between different versions. For example, the 38mm of the 1, 2 and 3 generations corresponds to the 40mm of the 4 and 5 generations, and the 42mm of the 1, 2 and 3 generations corresponds to the 4 and 5 generations. 44mm.

Therefore, generally speaking, you can choose the corresponding strap according to the size of the dial. In order to avoid buying mistakes, it is still necessary to see the product parameters of the strap before starting.

Strap style: porous or magnet type, better fit

If you wear Apple Watch during exercise and sleeping, the fit of the strap is very important. To make the adjustment of the strap length more precise, it is recommended to choose a porous strap as much as possible.

In terms of comfort, a magnet-type ring strap is recommended-this type of strap can be adjusted very finely. Especially for women and children with thinner wrists, the magnet strap fits the size of the wrist better. In addition, many commercial metal watchbands are equipped with tools that can adjust the length by themselves. Please pay attention to it when purchasing.

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