Selection skills of watches

Watches are indispensable items for many people. It is not only a tool for observing the time, but also a fashion item. For men, wearing watches are a way to embody personal details. Men who pay attention to details are more attractive. Only by choosing the right style and suitable watches can they show their own personal charm. So many people have a lot of questions when buying a watch in a shopping mall. What should you pay attention to when buying new men’s watches? How can I choose watches that suits me? May wish to follow the next steps and learn about the skills of choosing watches together!

1.Choice of origin

In the watch industry, the place of origin is almost more important than the brand. The best place of production is undoubtedly Switzerland. Of course, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan are also very good places for producing watches, but each has its own characteristics. The most representative of Japan is the quartz watch, while the German watch is more practical.

2. Material determines the price

The material determines the price. The prices of gold-plated watches and diamond watches are naturally much higher, and now many brands of watches also like to use new materials to make watches.

For a daily-use watch, the most important thing to pay attention to is the material of the surface of the mirror. It is unavoidable to bump into it in daily use. Just like the screen of a mobile phone, it may be scratched and shattered. You cannot stick your favorite film, so choose carefully. The material of the strap is also very important. The leather is very textured and enhances the temperament, while the nylon or canvas material is more sporty and casual.

3. Suitable size

Large-size watches are very popular nowadays, and they are indeed fashionable, and there are also some very design styles. But not everyone is suitable for this style.

The style of the large dial is more tough, suitable for taller men. For men who look more gentle, choose a slightly smaller dial design to show more temperament.

4. Design style

The most important element is to choose a watch that suits you. If you are paying attention to matching, in fact, the movement, material, and origin are not that important. If you like simple style, choose a three-handed or formal watch with a simple design; if you say you don’t like too monotonous, you can choose a complicated dial design. The most important thing is to suit your style. Too much emphasis on rigid parameters and ignoring whether it is really suitable for you will lose the meaning of the initial purchase.

All in all, the above points are just some general reference directions. Don’t buy watches for the sake of buying watches. There are many types of men’s watches. Don’t always consult others. Those are just references. After all, you are the one who wears the watch. It’s not someone else, you like it, and the one that suits you is good.

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