Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, wearing smart devices is no longer the choice of a few people. More and more people are choosing a watch with smart functions, which can not only watch the time, but also use its more functions. Bring more convenient ways to our lives.

But now there are so many types for users to choose from, and many people don’t know the difference between sport watches and smart watches, and even choose to wear them at will. But in fact, there is still a big difference between sport watches and smart watches. The two focus on different directions, and the experience will also be very different. So do you know the difference between sport watches and smart watches?

Sport watches

Sport watches focus on “sport”, leaving aside too many social functions, mainly to meet the needs of sports. As a watch specially created for people who love sports, you can enjoy more scientific and professional sports. It can not only reflect the data of your exercise, but also analyze the effect of exercise and set exercise time, and even act as a guide in your exercise.

1.The main function

GPS real-time positioning, heart rate monitoring, multiple sports data recording, sleep monitoring, etc., super battery life, waterproof function, etc.

2.Suitable for the crowd

People who like sports do not need so many functions.

Smart watches

A smart watch is a “wrist phone” that provides functions similar to a smart phone and brings you a smart life. Compared with professional sport watches, smart watches have more comprehensive functions, and basic mobile phones have the basic functions that can be reflected in watches. At the same time, smart watches also provide sports-related functions, but most of them are only reflected in step counting.

1.The main function

NFC payment, sedentary reminder, weather forecast, social entertainment, message reminder, custom dial, SMS sending and receiving, incoming call reminder, email reminder, built-in speaker, music player, etc.

2.Suitable for the crowd

A person who can replace some of the functions of a mobile phone is needed to meet the needs of smart life.

In general, smart watches have more comprehensive functions, while sport watches are more professional. After understanding the difference between both of them, you can choose according to your needs.



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