The best watch

The watch is the best accessory to decorate the wrist. There are many brands of watches with different quality and different prices. Do you know Seiko‘s watches?

About Seiko:

It is a well-known Japanese watchmaking company, the largest manufacturer and supplier of watch movements in Japan and South Korea, and the earliest manufacturer of finished watches in Japan. It was founded in 1881. The company was originally called Hattori Time Shop. It was renamed in 1892. Seikosha. The first watch officially using the Seiko brand was released in 1924.

How to choose Seiko watch?

Seiko’s watches are divided into quartz watches, automatic mechanical watches, solar watches, and SpringDrive watches depending on the driving force. Seiko is the first well-known brand in the world to commercialize quartz watches, which are based on the working voltage drive movement and have the advantage of an annual error of only plus or minus 10 seconds. If you mainly want to use the watch as a decorative object, or highlight the real identity influence of the representative, you can pick a mechanical watch.

Seiko’s PRESAGE Pilot Series:

Seiko’s PRESAGE Pilot Series is a series that focuses entirely on business style, and the overall positioning is a bit higher than the No. 5 series. The watches in this series are of a more simple and understated style. This dark brown dial with curved crystal has a great sense of texture in the sunlight. It supports 50m daily water resistance, automatic mechanical movement, and the dial can display the remaining power reserve. The watch has a special anti-magnetic design, mechanical watches are generally very afraid of magnetic fields, because it will affect the internal movement of the time, but this you do not have to worry about. 6 o’clock sub-dial can display the date. The texture of the watch is particularly great, and this series is a good choice.

Seiko’s innovation:

In 2012, under the name of Astron, Seiko once again launched the world’s first GPS satellite positioning solar energy watch, which can receive 4 or more satellite signals, identify your time zone and adjust to the precise local time.

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