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The wristwatch has always been loved by people and has never been out of date. In the past, people used wristwatches to see the time, but today, more reasons are to look good. Wristwatches are divided into many types and are usually made of leather, rubber, nylon cloth, and stainless steel straps. It also has many brands, and I recommend Casio to everyone. Both in terms of price and features, Casio is very good.

Brand introduction:

Founded in 1946 and based in Japan, the young, elegant and versatile brand image that Casio represents has taken hold of people’s hearts. Casio leads the competition in terms of competition and has made progress in this regard every year.

With an innovative development concept, Casio watches constantly seek to innovate in technology and apply more innovative ideas to their watches. The development of advanced technologies such as GPS + Global 6 Bureau radio reception, solar power drive, strong movement and multi-motor drive that dominate the direction of watch development has brought consumers six series of watch brands with practical value, including G-SHOCK, BABY-G, PROTREK, EDIFICE, SHEEN and OCEANUS.


Of these series, my favorite is G-SHOCK. G-SHOCK was born from a simple belief: to create a watch that will never break. In the search for a rugged watch that could be used in extreme environments, G-SHOCK developed a 10 meter drop impact resistance, a 10 BAR water resistance and a 10 year battery life.


If you are a woman, I recommend BABY-G this series. Because it is a women’s watch, it seems very suitable for women. In addition, I also recommend a watch that I really like, its appearance is very beautiful, that’s why I call it “little gold watch”, it comes in two colors, gold and silver. Gold watches are more popular than silver ones. Its price is very economical. This model is very suitable for purchase in terms of price and appearance.

After reading this article, are you attracted to Casio watches? I think watches are very good ornaments, if you want you can buy them on AliExpress, there are many styles. Besides Casio, there are many other brands. Choose according to your needs. AliExpress has many discounts.

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