The secret of improving happiness

As Apple’s first intelligent mobile device, Apple watch has always been the focus of technology enthusiasts. Apple watch has a wide audience, including young people. So, is Apple watch worth buying? Let’s take Apple watch Se as an example to re-know Apple watch.
Mastering the following important functions can greatly improve happiness.

  1. Message notification
    This is the core function of Apple watch. You can receive or send messages through apple watch. Because the message reminder of Apple watch is vibration rather than sound alone, you can hardly miss the message. Any time you lift your wrist, the screen will light up. You don’t need to press any buttons (such as date, time, weather and temperature).
    Therefore, the function with less operation will be more efficient and simple on the watch.
  1. Flashlight mode
    when open the flashlight mode, the screen will become a stable white light. It is much more convenient to realize the function of the flashlight by illuminating the screen than the flashlight with the mobile phone on.
  1. Find my phone
    When you can’t find your mobile phone, if you have an apple watch, use “Find my phone” on the watch, and then call your iPhone with one click. And your iPhone makes a sound, you can find it by looking for the sound.
  1. Alarm clock and countdown
    It is very convenient to set the alarm clock and countdown, which can be realized on the dial. It was originally required on the mobile phone: Unlock – open the alarm clock – find the countdown – set the time. It takes many steps to complete the alarm clock setting, but it can be quickly set on the apple watch.

It can be said that Apple watch can efficiently simplify the operation process of your common functions and save you more time. So, Apple watch is the secret of improving happiness.

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