How to prolong our watch’s service life?

Many people like to wear watches. Wearing a watch is not only convenient for us to keep up with time, but also an accessory to embellish our outfits. The watches we wear every day are more expensive than our clothes. So how can we reasonably protect our watches and increase their service life?

The way we wear watches must be correct.

Many people like to wear a watch with the watch chain buckle tighter, in fact, this is incorrect. As the watch buckle tight, the meridians of the human body is badly affected. Besides, the watch bracelet will rub against the skin for a long time, causing the skin to slowly lose its luster.

We should avoid wearing our watches out in crowded places.

This is because crowded places are more crowded, especially on buses and subways, so we must be careful not to bump our watches.

After wearing your watch every day, wipe it well.

Our body will inevitably sweat or secrete oil. If you don’t wipe your watch in time, it will gradually lose its color and the appearance of your watch will be affected.

Place and store it properly

The best place to put the watch after we put the evening home is a relatively fixed place, so you can always remember the location of the watch. The place where you put the watch must be kept dry to avoid it from getting damp. If we will not wear the watch in the short term, then it is recommended that you wrap the watch in a sealed plastic bag and store it in a dry and cool place. It is best to wipe protective oil on the surface of the watch before storing it so that it can be well protected.

Regular maintenance

You should take your watch to a boutique for maintenance every six months. Many people think that such a thing is almost unnecessary and too complicated. In fact, the maintenance of the watch is the key to prolong the service life of the watch.

A watch represents our taste and attitude towards life, and being able to keep it properly actually indicates our pursuit of quality of life. It is like a faithful companion as we go through time, keeping track of time and indicating it. May each and every watch be properly maintained.

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