You can call without a mobile phone

From the invention of the telephone to the invention of the mobile phone, human science and technology has developed rapidly. With the continuous development of science and technology, people can talk with each other without the mobile phone. The advent of smart watches not only has an impact on the traditional watch industry, but also marks the next level of human mobile device research and development. In addition to the most basic function of the watch: timing, the smart watch also has many functions that cannot be realized by traditional watches: measuring heart rate, playing music, monitoring exercise records, and even answering and making calls. Because the research and development of the smart watch is based on monitoring exercise, it is also called a sports watch.

So how is the call of smart watch realized? Generally speaking, the call of smart watch is realized in two ways:

  1. Realized by SIM card
    Some smart watches have a card slot under the dial, which can open the back cover and directly insert the mobile phone SIM card. In this way, the watch does not need to be connected with the mobile phone and can be used separately from the mobile phone. It realizes the direct use of the smart watch to receive and make calls, which provides a lot of convenience for users.
  2. Realized by Bluetooth
    If the smart watch does not have a card slot and cannot insert a SIM card, how can the smart watch make a phone call? Here is another way, that is, with the help of the Bluetooth function of the smart watch, the connection with the mobile phone is realized through setting, and the pairing of the two devices is completed. In this way, the smart watch can be shared with the mobile phone address book, and users can make calls through the smart watch without using the mobile phone.

Although it has become a fact to call through a smart watch, there are still problems, such as low voice, fast power consumption and high price. Therefore, more customers who choose smart watches may pay more attention to its other functions, such as health monitoring, GPS positioning, electronic payment, etc.

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