Daniel Wellington,Rose and lover

Lover’ s watches come from the trend in recent years. Lovers choose love gifts and love keepsakes. When choosing watches, they often choose watches with similar styles and the same styles. When they wear them, the visual effect and psychological feeling are very good. Over time, they spread and have become a very popular watch.

Whenever we mention the lover’s watch, the first thing we think of is Daniel Wellington (DW) .Daniel Wellington has become one of the symbols of Lover’ s watches.

The birth of Daniel Wellington brand comes from a chance encounter across half the world: on the way to travel, the brand founder Filip Tysander met a charming British gentleman. His dress style is low-key and simple. He likes to wear an antique watch, and the strap is a mottled nylon strap. The charming gentleman’s name is Daniel Wellington. Inspired by the classic style of this new friend, Filip decided to create his own wristband brand. It is famous for its fashionable and simple watches and accessories. Its design is simple and elegant, classic and meaningful. It is suitable for various occasions. It is deeply loved by consumers and makes the brand unique in the industry.

The development of DW watches is inseparable from the endorsement of stars, but more importantly, DW their own design. DW’s dial adopts a very simple Bauhaus design, which makes it look very simple and very textured. Compared with the complex dial of mechanical watches or the science fiction design of electronic watches, this dial is obviously more popular with young people today.

Again, DW found the fickle needs of young people, hoping that their watches “can match any clothes and enter various occasions with dignity”. The thing that can meet this demand is the watch strap.In order to please young people, DW has indeed designed a number of distinctive and distinctive watch straps.

DW Lover’ s watches are widely accepted by young couples. Daniel Wellington like rose, the new symbol of romantic.

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